If definitions are required, then I am Alyse. I write therefore I am. I dabble in many genres, including slash, but that's a whole other philosophical discussion. I don't know of another group of people outside of slash writers who analyse their motivations in such detail and depth outside of therapy.

I code and therefore I offer tentative proof on the web of my real life existence. Someone archives all of those stories. I run far too many archives - including the main CI5: The New Professionals fan site, CI5 Operational Control, Always Thinking: Cath and Nick, CSI Forensics and Wraithbait - and according to those in the know am aspiring to fully fledged Evil Overlord status. Personally I think 'aspiring' is too soft an option. I have minions. Doesn't that mean I've made it? And if not, does anyone know where I can get a white cat?

This site is pretty much nothing more than a shell to link sites together. Think of it as a swan-like surface, while the machinery underneath paddles frantically to keep everything ticking over.


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fanlistings I run
wicked: cath willows and nick stokes (csi)

czechmate: elizabeth weir and radek zelenka (sg:a)